4 minimal stylish and affordable mens backpacks

The humble backpack has come a long way in terms of design and innovation over the years. Gone are the days of wax coating bags for waterproofing - unless of course you’re going for the heritage look, in which case brands like - Barbour/Ally Capellino, and Belstaff still make them - but we’ll leave those for another post.

Backpacks these days tend to be over overengineered and needlessly bulky for my general usecase which is getting from one end of london to the other.

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate simplicity, clean lines, comfort and having enough space for the essentials.

with this in mind i decided to handpick a selection of the finest minimal, affordable and stylish backpacks around today that all adhere to the principle of less is more.


Founded in 1952 Eastpak first manufactured duffels and packs for the U.S. military. Their bags are known for being hardwearing, and quality and innovation are at the heart of the brand’s design ethos.


“Our goal is to create a timeless product with fine regard for detail,” says Herschel Supply Co, a family run-Canadian business known for its bags and backpacks. The brand is inspired by vintage mountaineering gear, world heritage and travel when creating its practical pieces.


when you think of minimalist design scandinavian brands typically come to mind. Rains is a contemporary rainwear brand that creates waterproof designs. Influenced by its heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is rooted in functionality.


ASOS design is the ecommerce giants own private label. Exclusive to ASOS this line delivers the most ontrend designs at accessible prices.