5 of the most coveted mens sunglasses

It’s that time of the year - the sun’s out, holidays are booked & trunks are packed. There’s only one thing left to do - update those sunglasses! In this article i will explore some of the icons that have stood the test of time, featured in the most loved films and celebrity faces.

Rayban - Aviators

If there’s one brand that is ubiquitous with the term “sunglass” it has to be RayBans. Traditionally the better known brands in fashion start their early days manufacturing clothing for military use - from Burberry’s 1901 Officer Raincoat to Alpha Industries - Flight & field jackets.

RayBan is no different - The classic Aviators we know and love were developed for use for the US Airforce’s pilots. These sunglasses were to “Ban rays” and glare while pilots were in the cockpit.

Glamourised by the likes of Tom Cruise in Top Gun the aviators as a style has become a favourite for the masses. Theses days you can find many aviator styles on the eyewear spectrum from high street to ultra luxury designer. The original’s always seem to have staying power and this is why you simply can’t beat Aviators by RayBans. with its classic tear drop design they’re great for giving your face shape a more V like appearance.

Persol - 714

Introduced in the 60s the 714s were truely innovative in design by being the first foldable sunglass. This design further cemented it’s place in the eyewear hall of fame by appearing on Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair. The frame is made from classic acetate and feature the signature arrow metal joint.

Rayban - Wayfarers

Another favourite that has maintained it popularity are the RayBan Wayfarers. Originally created in the 50s this icon gained modern cultural relevance through appearances in films like Risky Business, Miami Vice among others. Today they’re sought after in large part due to it’s minimal look and slim(er) profile - compared to earlier designs. The front angle tilt is another unique feature that has carried through to modern interpretations.

Moscot - Lemtosh

If the Gregory Peck glasses and Wayfarers had a love child it would be the Lemotosh by the New York brand Moscot. Incredibly this frame takes the best design cues from both that results in an icon in its own right. This frame have an almost suggestively sublte curvature that looks good on most facial shapes.
With its high wearability factor this frame lends itself to pop colors that make a statement.

Rayban - Clubmaster

The clubmasters remind me of - Reserviour dogs, Mad Men and Malcolm X. This vintage design just oozes refinement. Popularised in 50s/60s America this silhouette has a thicker browline upper with exposed rim lower that gives it a depth of design and making them instantly recognisable.


Shape - Best to offset the geometry of your face - long face, better to go for a taller frame. Short face, smaller frame.

Size - For the perfect size make sure your eyes are centred in the frame

Color - This is a personal preference. Some people like the color to highlight their hair/eye/skin color.

Fit - Acetate is malleable so can be adjusted by your optician for the perfect fit