The Mavenist is a a rough around the edges micro-blog full of character adding spelling mistakes, typos, poor grammer & raw content.

It reads like a field report - the purpose is to bring "you" the reader our opinionated and unfiltered perspective.

Modern publishing and content creation is based on embellishing & polishing to the extent that the reader only sees stories in their best light. At The Mavenist we take the view that we need not filter content for our readers as they're intelligent enough to see through the marketing and false editorial facade. If it's good - we say it is - if it isn't, we say so!

Founded by the Maven a retail expert that have worked at internationlly renowened fashion houses, brands and retailers a like. A buyer & collection merchandiser by trade with years of experience in luxury fashion and an eye for value and quality - Not simply hype and branding.


The Mavenist occasionly includes affiliate links which pay us a small percentage each time you buy something. This helps us keep the lights on and bring you more of what you enjoy - honest unadultarated content.

We only link to brands that we believe in, and never compromise for financial gain.