Comfort is king - How to pull off oversize

But how do you pull off oversize? I hear you say. Well threat not - If you heed the guidlines below you too will be able to pull off the normcore baggy like Shia LeBouf.

If there’s one rule of thumb to follow it’s that you shouldn’t buy big just to pull off the look - after all you don’t want to look like a sack of potatoes.

PHOTO: @shiasoutfits

Despite the casual connotation of oversize it can quickly turn out to be a bit of a disaster if done too causally. The first step to building your outfit is to source items that lend themselves to the oversize aesthetic.

whether it’s a vintage fisherman rib, sheepskin fleece or the classic school inpired navy sweat (Ala LeBouf below) - tops essentially form the backbone to this look so it’s important to pick wisely in your quest to nail the look.

while the focus should be on the top it doesn’t mean that the rest of your outfit should be an after thought though. As with anything - balance is the key. So if you are going oversize in one area you should make sure that its balanced elsewhere.

Be warned - This doesn’t mean pairing oversized with super skinny - when you look at yourself in the mirror your overall look should flow so make sure the size contrast is kept to a minimum.

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