Tastemakers to follow

In this article i’ve compiled a shortlist of some of my favourite thought and style inspiring tastemakers whose instagram pages i visit every once in a while. A running and ever growing collection of amazing photographers, fashion creatives and style maestro’s.

1st - Brian Alcazar

Brian is a photographer and video content creator who has worked alongside some very well known brands. He has some expertly curated photographs that i peruse through when looking to feel inspired.


Next up is - lord_edwin. Another talented photographer. lots of photos of stars from the worlds of music and fashion.

The Brilliance - Benjamin, Chuck & Virgil

The guys from the brilliance inspired me to create The Mavenist. Founded and written by Benjamin Edgar, Chuck Anderson and the Virgil Abloh. This rough around the edges blog started in the early days of the internet before it was cool & introduced me to many ideas before fashion oritented digital publishing was even a thing.


Next up is a fashion kindred spirit of mine - I dont know too much about Jonathan other than the fact that he has a cool look and a penchant for Acronym among others.


Last up we have Benjji - this chap has a rediculous collection of sneakers that make you blue with envy. All photos are expertly put together.