The Mavenist

I am

Halil Efecan

A fullstack software developer



As a versatile Full Stack JavaScript Developer, I bring extensive expertise in crafting innovative web applications. My proficiency in JavaScript allows me to seamlessly build captivating user interfaces using the React ecosystem, while also leveraging my Node.js skills to develop robust server-side solutions with Nest/Express. I possess a deep understanding of MySQL databases, adeptly designing and optimizing queries for seamless data management.

My knowledge of Nginx enables me to configure powerful reverse proxy servers, optimizing application performance and enhancing security. Moreover, I have hands-on experience with Docker allowing me to effectively containerizing applications for streamlined deployment and scalability.



My expertise lies in the realm of the React/Next.js ecosystem. I fuse the utilitarian components of Material UI with the practicality of Tailwind CSS, crafting captivating digital experiences driven by innovative code.


I write Node.js on the backend and am able to craft scalable web applications and RESTful APIs. My expertise in modern JavaScript, database management, and API design allows me to create robust back-end solutions.


I am a proficient database specialist, well-versed in both relational (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) database systems.


I am a cloud enthusiast with a strong proficiency in orchestrating Docker containers, managing Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and configuring Nginx web servers.

Lets Connect!

If you ever want to grab a coffee/tea (virtually) or just want a quick chat - you can find me on social media or you can send me a message here!